Linux World Expo San Jose: Room-sharing ...

Linux World Expo San Jose: Room-sharing ...

Post by Klaus Kettn » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00


i'll be in San Jose for the Linux World Expo from 28/02/99 - 04/03/99.
Flying to the US from Germany is expensive enough, so i am interested
in sharing a double-room in a [h|m]otel somewhere in the SJ area.

I am male, 32, married with one son.




1. FREE Thru 7/21 - Huge LINUXWORLD EXPO Aug. 14-17 In San Jose, Calif.

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
Expo: August 15 - 17, 2000
Conference: August 14 - 17, 2000
San Jose Convention Center, San Jose California (Silicon Valley)

Register by July 21 -- only two more days! -- for free
Exhibits badge for admission to all exhibits, keynote and
feature presentations, birds of a feather sessions and
various other events (except conferences and tutorials),
August 15-17.  (After July 21, this registration is $25.)

Register on the web with Netscape, IE, or fax, or by phone
if you don't have those facilities:

This show was very big last year, and this time they have
165 exhibitors, with 40 more on hold because the entire
San Jose Convention Center will already be filled!

Partial list of speakers, panelists, etc, at free events:

  Linus Torvalds
  Jeremy Allison, Samba
  Eric S. Raymond, Internet Developer and Writer
  Miguel de Icaza, GNOME;
  Volker Wiegand, CEO, SuSE, Inc.
  Ransom Love, President and CEO, Caldera Systems
  Bob Young, Chairman, Red Hat
  Cliff Miller, CEO, TurboLinux
  Bodo Bauer, TurboLinux
  Larry Augustin, Founder, President, CEO, VA Linux Systems
  Scott Draeker, Loki Entertainment
  Jon "maddog" Hall, Executive Director, Linux International
  Robert LeBlanc, Vice President, IBM Software Strategy
  Bruce Perens
  Jay Sulzberger;
  Patricia Lambs, CEO, Linuxcare
  Nick Petreley, Contributing Editor for LinuxWorld and InfoWorld

Conferences and tutorials run August 14-17, and cost from
$145 to $795 for various plans; see the website.

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