Remote control 4 linux box

Remote control 4 linux box

Post by The FLo » Fri, 18 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello, sometime ago I learned from a driver that would allow a linux box
be controlled by a remote control, such driver required some SIEMENS parts
only available in Germany.
Does anybody have a modification for such driver for using american parts?
I am from Argentina and in my country I couldn't find such part, but
since now I am in the states I may be able to get the american replacement.
I would appreciate any hint on the subject.
I don't usually read this newsgroup, so I would appreciate answer by mail

Thank you in advance.


1. Remote control of linux box through KDE

I would like to use my "remote" linux box using KDE.  From "local" I
issue the following commands in an xterm windows :

local: xhost +                (*)
local: telnet remote
remote: export DISPLAY='remote:0'
remote: startkde &

I get the "remote" KDE panel in the bottom of my local screen (which
replaces the "local" KDE panel) so I can control remotely the "remote"
box trough the KDE panel. But the desktop  (icons, shortcuts) does not
change: it is still the one from the "local" box and not the one of the
"remote". How can I get the "remote" desktop as well ???

Please help !

(*) I know, very unsecure, but for the time being the host is 2 meters
far connected through PLIP...

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