NYC LOCAL: New York City Noon Monday 22 October 2001: Rally to Free Dmitry Sklyarov

NYC LOCAL: New York City Noon Monday 22 October 2001: Rally to Free Dmitry Sklyarov

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Noon Monday 22 October 2001 at 41st Street and Fifth Avenue, before the
New York Public Library, on the Island of Manhattan, there will be a rally
to free Dmitry Sklyarov.

Note that this is not an LXNY event, but rather the four*th of a series
of rallies, whose Lead Organizer and First Contact is

Leonid Gorkin


Do not bring any sticks to this rally.

There is a New York City regulation forbidding sticks at gatherings.

The New York City police officers who told us of this regulation were
parfit gentle in their courtesy.


There have been and will be rallies in about twenty cities.

Much of the organizing of New York City Rallies to Free Dmitry take place
on the fairuse mailing list of NYFairUse, which list may be joined at

To download a flyer go to:

For more information:

  who="Jay Sulzberger">

On the morning of 11 September 2001 the United States of America was
attacked.  One big objective of the attack is to drive us to forget our
Bill of Rights.  We will not forget.  We have a right to use our computers
in our homes as we see fit.  We will defend this right.

This summer Dmitry Sklyarov was indicted.  If convicted on all counts he
faces 25 years in prison.  He is accused of distributing a tool to
manipulate files in certain Adobe formats.  All manipulation occurs inside
a single computer.  The tool checks as best it can that the file it
operates on is owned by the person running the tool.  Under the DMCA,
distribution of such a tool is a felony.  If traditional copyright law were
like the DMCA, then distribution of paper, pencils, ink, pens, and cameras
would also be a felony.  Today computers for home and business use contain
no spy hardware nor any spy software, except for certain Trojans which may
have slipped past the owner's defenses.  Under the DMCA and further federal
legislation proposed by Senator Hollings all personal computers will be
required to contain over one megabyte of spy firmware which will monitor
every single read and write of the hard disk.  Under the proposed
legislation the operating system will report back to Infotainment Central
any "suspicious use" of the hard disk.  Law enforcement agencies will
easily get secret writs of computer tapping and be able to watch everything
you do at home on what once was your own machine.  Infotainment Central
will be able to disable your computer without permission from you.


Proposed legislation:,1283,46655,00.html

Our rallies and all the work of propaganda and education have been
important in alerting the world to the threat facing not only Dmitry, but
everyone who uses computers and everyone who uses the Great Commons of the
Net.  Despite our alert, the government of the United States chose to
prosecute Dmitry.  Our response must be clear, forceful, and effective.

Why do we rally at the New York Public Library?  Because the Association of
American Publishers has declared that they plan to close down all free
public libraries.  Their chosen tool is the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act.  As demonstrated by the indictment of Dmitry Sklyarov, the DMCA does
indeed outlaw fair use of books that you, or the library, have bought and
paid for:

We need marchers and leafleteers and copiers of leaflets and designers of
leaflets and propagandizers and lobbyists and lawyers and coders and water
carriers and publicists and diplomats.  Come to the Rally and help!  Come
to the Rally and meet allies!

Dmitry Sklyarov today faces twenty-five years in prison for distributing a
program which allows you to make fair use of books you have bought and paid
for.  Come to the Rally and help get Dmitry free!  Free to go home and free
to do his work.


Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.