MidNight Commander Problems

MidNight Commander Problems

Post by Kjell » Sat, 02 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I got some problems with MC when displaying info on the partitions..it
usally dumps core instead..I am running 2.1.6 but have had the same
problem since 2.x.x

Anyone have an idea off what I should alter?


1. Midnight Commander problem when telneting to shell


I asked the following question on linux related groups but no answer
yet... Can anybody in this groups help?



I telnet to my Linux from my Windows machine.

When I activate MC through the telnet window, everything looks almost
the same as being on the actual Linux computer.

However, the F keys do not function properly:

F10 acts like F9
F9 like F8


Is it the telnet client (QVT 4.2d) settings? Terminal emulation
choice? I played around with them without much success.



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