Help with CVS

Help with CVS

Post by Joshua Thoma » Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Where can I find a tutorial\FAQ\Howto on CVS and RCS?

Thanks in advance,
Josh Thomas


1. Help using CVS

Ok, so I went to the CVS web site and figured out how to start a new db
and so forth.  However, I'm still having trouble.  I want to start
copying my source code there but I can't get cvs to allow me to create
new directories and add them to the repository.  The CVS web site said
to create the env variable CVSROOT which I did.  Then to actually create
the directory, which I did.  Then to do cvs init.  Which I did.  Now,
the next step was to checkout the cvs root to start adding directories
and so forth.  So, here's what I did (as per the FAQ) cvs -d $CVSROOT co
-l .

Now, the use of the env variable here eludes me.  The man page says that
when using the -d option to cvs, it ignores the contents of the CVSROOT
env variable.  However, it won't let me checkout the root directory.  
Why?  When I do that I get, "cvs [Checkout aborted]: Cannot checkout
files in to the repository itself".  What do I have to do?


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