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Quote:> So I examined a copy of an older Redhat distribution (4.1
>biltmore - my first Linux installation which I enjoyed greatly) that I had
>used previously on my home PC and the only real difference seems to be a
>named TRANS.TBL which I gather, after searching the newsgroups this
>to be a filename translation table. Now, I also gather (from a posting in
>French) that I may be able to use makeisofs to create a TRANS.TBL. Is that
>the case? In which case, how? If not, what next? (apologies for my English)

You're certainly on the right track there. The problem is that the CD
filesystem (ISO9660 - it's just like any other filesystem, eg : fat16,
fat32, ntfs) doesn't support long filenames itself. There are several ways
of getting around this. The way Microsoft does it is called Joliet and is
probably the way your CD is cut. Linux can be compiled to read this
filesystem type, but it looks like your install system doesn't. (check out
the mtools package for lots of useful programs for dealing with DOSish
filesystems). You can find more information about Joliet under linux at

Linux (and most other sensible operating systems :) use a system called Rock

All of this information is probably in the CDROM-HOWTO
( and the CD Writing HOWTO
( You can also find
an amusing history of the two at

Anyway, I digress (and this reply is much longer than I intended :). To make
a Rock Ridge CD, you do indeed need to use mkisofs. I was going to write how
to do it here, but it's explained better in the HOWTO at

Hoping this was of some assistance,



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Quote:> Hi,

> I
> have ftp'd the entire Redhat 5.2 i386 distribution (making proper use of the
> company LAN after hours!) and have burned the results onto a CD. The Redhat
> installation proggie doesn't like the CD, "this doesn't look like a Redhat
> CD", it said.


Rod Smith
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Does anybody know how linux can use the TRANS.TBL-File located on some

It would be nice to use the translation of short -> long filenames.

-- Randolf
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