Dial-in with agetty. --Help

Dial-in with agetty. --Help

Post by Sridhar Kantamne » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Would someone please help me by pointing me to the place or file to look for Dial-in.
I am running Linux 1.2.13. with agetty. I had configured my ports for dial outs and everything seems to be ok.
I am using a Bocca 14400 internal modem on my com port 2. I had checked the man page for agetty but is not of great help. The serial Howto explains about setting getty_ps. If anyone out there is using agetty to dial in please help me with the configuration. any help would be apprecieated. Thanks.

Sridhar K.


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I'm having trouble getting dial-outs to work when dial-ins are
enabled.  I can dial out on /dev/cua1 when getty isn't running
on /dev/ttyS1, but when getty is running I get a message that
the port I'm trying to dial-out on (/dev/cua1) is in use.  I
read the FAQs and everything seems to be set up right.  What
am I doing wrong?  

[I'm running SLS 1.02 (0.99pl9).]
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