Question about PPP

Question about PPP

Post by Hartmut Ehrek » Wed, 07 May 2003 23:44:52


I have two PCs (RH 7.2) linked via ethernet. One has a modem to dialup
an ISP using pppd.

I use a nameserver and masquerading (iptables) so the internal host has
access to the internet.

Everything works fine so far when I dial out.

But when I try to send data larger than a few KiloBytes, no matter from
which host or which service (ftp, email), the transmission of packets
slows down and finally dies.

Does anyone have an idea where to look for the cause?

It usually dies after arund 11-15 KB, no collisions, no dropped packets.
on any interface.

The default route is set, MTU is set to 1500. DNS works fine, I can see
anything and download as much as I want.

Only sending dies off.

I would be grateful for suggestions on the issue. Thanks in advance.


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    I have been fighting with my linux box (enigma) and my Win '95 box
trying to obtain a good tcp/ip configuration using two NE2000 clone
cards. At this moment, if I boot into Linux and run the server... I can
not get outside of the LAN from the Win box. However, I know that the
two machines are talking as I can do all the other functions of FTP,
Telnet, etc... to the server. Yet, i'm albe to access the ISP via Enigma
with no problem.

    I have read in the 'DNS-HOWTO' that Jan used a ppp-on script to cp
an 'online' script to the name server and cp over that file with *.local
to use he name server w/o being online. Has anyone used this method and
would it be reccomended for a small mini-lan (server-client)
configuration on a dial-up (dymanic) account?

    I'm fairly new to this (not using Slackware for over 5 years) and
forgot quite a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P. Robie

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