tools for creating sound effects

tools for creating sound effects

Post by Marian Heddesheim » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi folks,

i am currently searching a tool to generate sound effects in linux.
What I found so far are several wave editing tools but none of them
can create sounds. I need it to create special effects for a
multimedia production. Under Windows there are several shareware
tools, but since I do not like working with windows ....

Can anybody can name such a program or is a project currently around?


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I have been having trouble getting the sound effects to work in
Doom (I know the music isn't supported yet).  I have an 8 bit
Sound Blaster Pro.  I patched the sndsrvr (?) file as the instructions
in the readme say to do, and ran the sndcvt program.  Am I then
supposed to put sndcvt in the background and run Doom (which doesn't
work) or is sndcvt supposed to do something and throw me back to the
prompt, from which I then run Doom (which it doesn't do).

I know I have probably done something stupid, and hopefully someone
can tell me what it is...

Thanks in advance
Raman Gupta

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