How Can I Reject Offers from Unwanted DHCP Servers?

How Can I Reject Offers from Unwanted DHCP Servers?

Post by R-Gu » Sun, 01 Jul 2001 15:56:03

I am using dhcpcd (v1.3.19-p14) on Mandrake 8.0.  When I boot-up and try and
get an IP address from my DSL providers, I see a two offers come back, from
different DHCP servers.  It seems to be random which one arrvies first, and
it causes me grief because when I reboot my system I ping-pong between two
different IP address.

Is there any way to configure dhcpcd so that I can reject the offer from one
of the DHCP servers, and hopefully get the same IP address everytime I
reboot?  Below is a snippet of the tcpdump:

    No. Time        Source                Destination           Protocol
      4 6.308817       DHCP
DHCP Discover - Transaction ID 0x3967c91c
      5 6.359323    00:00:0c:35:17:74     ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff     ARP      Who
has  Tell
      6 6.360419    00:00:0c:35:17:74     ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff     ARP      Who
has  Tell
      7 6.687006       DHCP
DHCP Offer    - Transaction ID 0x3967c91c
      8 6.988534       DHCP
DHCP Offer    - Transaction ID 0x3967c91c

Any ideas are appreciated.



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