VNC for Linux

VNC for Linux

Post by Christian Schroede » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00

Why does vnc under SuSE 5.2 not run. The log only tell me, that he added
a display for vnc but the Server will not start (ps ax|grep vnc)!

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VNC for Linux

Post by David Efflan » Mon, 25 May 1998 04:00:00

>Why does vnc under SuSE 5.2 not run. The log only tell me, that he added
>a display for vnc but the Server will not start (ps ax|grep vnc)!

Did you look at or edit the vncserver script so it was correctly
configured for your system.

I ran it on Slackware, but it gave me a plain blank window and I have
not had a chance to configure it yet (I could start an xterm in it
from the console).  I remember seeing something about twm while
debugging, so see if you have 'twm' installed.

I can run programs on my Win95 machine at work from the Linux
vncclient or Netscape at home or MSIE in Win95.  I find that amazing,
since MS has no remote computing support.

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA


1. VNC into Linux server

I've got a LAN in my home. three machines are connected via Linksys
BEFW11S4 router.  Machine 1 is a Mandrake Linux 9.2 box, machine 2 is
operating Win2K, machine 3 is WinXP (not dealing with machine 3 yet).

I can use TightVNC to connect from the Linux box to the VNC server on
the Win2K box (Win2K connects just fine running the TightVNC server or
the RealVNC server).  However, I can not connect to a TightVNC server
on the Linux box from the Win2K box running the TightVNC viewer.

It appears the Linux box is listening on port 5901.  The VNC viewer
appears to be sending on 5900-5903 (defaults). I can telnet from the
Win2K box to port 5901 and receive RFB 003.003.  Log file registers
this on the Linux server.

Attempting to connect with the viewer from the Win2K box just fails --
nothing in the log.  I'm tempted to open ports on the router, but this
shouldn't be necessary, should it?

Firewall on server is iptables.  Disabling firewall with Guarddog
makes no difference.  Win2K box is running Zone Alarm and it is
reporting activity on port 5900 (and being told to allow such

Any idea why I can't run the VNC one direction when I can run it just
fine in the other?


(From Alex's Win2K machine)

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