486: GA 486 AM AMS & linux?

486: GA 486 AM AMS & linux?

Post by Georg Wiega » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00


i was offered a 486 board named: 'GA 486 AM AMS' (don't know if the exact
name contains symbols like '/,-...' or not) with:

- on board 2*ser, 2*par, 1*ide
- seriel ports type UART 16550
- speed is 33-100 (130?) mhz

The interesting point is, this board is able to run with only _one_
bank filled up with my 4*4 meg simms (simm->ps2 adapter), i already
have from my current 386/40. The price should be 250 german marks
(around 400$) without main processor/memory.

3 questions:
        1. Could there be any problems with linux?
        2. UART 16550 (without the 'A' at the end): is there a FIFO chip?
        3. What do you think about the price (not really important)?

Please reply via netmail (Followup-To is set)

Thanks for your help & patience.


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fix to the problem -- I think it's a DMA conflict.

Currently I'm running pl12 fine at 16Mhz, but I would like to go back to
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I tried seting the BIOS to use wait states, but this did not change anything.

Any hints or suggestions welcomed! Should I go get a 25Mhx Xtal? Will LINUX
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LINUX is great; this has been my only major block in getting the system up.
This computer is the email & Internet server for my kids' grade school. Once
I get my router working nueva.k12.pvt.edu will be online with 300 kids
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