LOCAL: Agenda Computing @ NBLUG (Sebastopol, CA)

LOCAL: Agenda Computing @ NBLUG (Sebastopol, CA)

Post by William Kendric » Sat, 05 May 2001 12:36:39

  North Bay Linux Users' Group (NBLUG) Meeting

  Tuesday, May 8th

  O'Reilly And Associates
  103B Morris Street
  Sebastopol, CA

  Agenda Computing
  Makers of the "Agenda VR3," Linux-based PDA

  "We've got a pretty cool meeting lined up for you this month.
  Agenda Computing will be coming by to talk about their Linux-based PDA
  device that they recently announced. This is a shipping Linux PDA that
  you can order today.

  "Agenda will have a techy on hand to answer all of your technical questions,
  as well as someone on the product/marketing side to answer those questions
  as well. Agenda will also be giving NBLUG an Agenda VR3 to give away at
  the door prize drawing, so be sure to get there slightly before 7:30PM, as
  we stop handing out tickets for the drawing once the meeting starts."

  Dustin Mollo


(I posted this on behalf of NBLUG, since it looks like they didn't already)