16 bpp with my #9 GXE 64 Pro

16 bpp with my #9 GXE 64 Pro

Post by Brian R. Doher » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 05:53:45

I have a #9 GXE 64 Pro with 2 MB onboard.  I have a maximum resolution on my monitor of 1024x768.
When I try to kick my bpp up to 16, all my window frames turn black and while, my background
bitmap turns all sorts of strange colors, and everything appears to still be displayed in only
16 colors.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, what am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it?

If you all want to see my XF86Config, just say so.


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1. XF86config 3.1 BUG + problems: 16 bpp and 32 bpp color mode for Kelvin 64 (clgd5434):HELP

After trowing away Yggdrasil's fall '94 distribution, i've installed
slackware's 2.1 linux. This solved quite some problem's described already
under Yggdrasil fall '94 mails. I managed to get my Orchid Kelvin 2Mb, PCI
to work under Depth 8, but :
- moving windows creates dust/snow
- at startup (startx) my desktop is partially blue, rest is the standard grey
desktop ?? only after opening a window (wterm of Xfilemngr ..) + Refresh Sreen
i get a complete blue desktop
- exiting Xwindow once is ok, but if I exit it again , my text terminal is
messed up that badly that i can only reboot the system
- following instruction under usr/X11/lib/X11/doc in the README.cirrus doc
for running 16 or 32 bit color does or not work or again send my xterm into a
complete mess so i have to reboot.

Any hints ???
Maybe another bug:
- after restarting Xwindows again: the middle click pop-up window : no item
from that window can be selected because the whole window move down,
instead of only the cursor ?!?!! I can only select something by keep mouse
still, and using the arrows to move up/down in the pop-up !!!!

Anyone similar experience ? Solved or not. Anyone more succes in getting more
than 8-bit color ??? Yes ? How with the clgd5434.
ps where do you find PCIDUMP.exe so i can try to set a membase option-line.
my options specified in XConfig: option 2048, option "linear".

Any suggestions/help are welcomed to be mailed directly to me.
I will post any succesful hints back.

Johan Van den Wyngaert

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