WTERM font size in suse 8.1

WTERM font size in suse 8.1

Post by G1754 » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 02:49:46

Hello, not sure how to change the default font size in my wterm. i am
running suse 8.1, any help would be appreciated.



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I got some major font issues with KDE 3.0 in Suse 8.1.  Fonts in Gaim and
Pan are so damn small I can't read them and that's at a normal 12pt font.
I have to switch to 48 pt for anything to be readable and I don't know
why. All the font settings I have specified in Control Center are at 48 pt
to make the lables on my desktop icons readable.  I've had to increase all
the differnt fonts in Pan in order to read newgroup names and messages and
I can't even read what I'm typing now b/c the font is so damn small.  

The font list in KSpread or KWord doesn't show up correctly. The fonts are
overlapping on each other while others are so small they look like ants.
Does anyone know what the hell is going on?

My friend's installation of Suse 8.1 doesn't have this problem for some


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