how to treat TAR file as another directory?

how to treat TAR file as another directory?

Post by leha » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have tar file and want to share it on the network as a directory.
Is it possible to do something like "mount -o loop ..." with the TAR

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1. tar -xvf mozilla.tar = tar: directory checksum error


I have downloaded the mozilla source twice from their web site. I
download it at school using RH 7.1 & 6.2 and then I copyed it onto my
zip disk and carried it home and ftp it from my RH 7.1 machine to
solaris. both times and also once when I made a tar of my own I get a
directory checksum error. I am very sure the files are the correct size.

I see that I have options to use -i ignore with the solaris tar program
and I use star and it extracts without error.

Does anyone else consistently get errors with solaris's tar program and
large file's?. I don't get any error's when I gunzip or bunzip2 them.

It seems funny- I have always used gzip and bzip to sort of protect my
tar files from checksum errors I always expect to get the error with
them first.

Is it the mozilla download?  or is it the diffrence between- every one
else using a diffrent version of tar like gnu? or can anyone see
anything I am doing wrong?

I never get errors with small files < 20 meg that I can remember, but
the last couple mozilla and the one I made were a little over 200meg

THis isn't really a big problem because star and -i work but I am still
very concerned about the stability of my files.


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