Database recommendations....?

Database recommendations....?

Post by David Alan Bla » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi -

I'm having a meeting next week which may result in some consulting
work.  In brief, the company involved wants to rewrite/further develop
some database stuff which is currently running off a SCO machine and
is based on Fox Base.  They want to ditch both.

The thing is....  they want this both for in-house use, and for eventual
marketing (maybe).  So they are inclined to develop it in a Windoze 9-to-5

The question, then, is:

Is there a GUI/SQML-ish engine/development suite which I could propose to
them, which would port easily (relatively) between Linux and W95?  Right
now I'm getting into the Perl5-tkperl-msql scene myself, but I don't think
that will wash.

Thanks for any help -

David Black


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Please e-mail ideas.

Many thanks
John C. Brown

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