Are the Adaptec SLIMSCSI 1460 supported

Are the Adaptec SLIMSCSI 1460 supported

Post by John F. Moo » Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am using the Adaptec 1460 currently on a Redhat-2.1 system with
a 2.0.0 kernel and the PCMCIA software.  The way it works is on bootup
the PCMCIA cards are recognized and the correct drivers are loaded.
Works Great.


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1. Are the Adaptec SLIMSCSI 1460 & 3COM 3C589C supported in RH 4.0?

I grabbed the boot.img and supp.img just to see if my hardware was recognised
and upon selecting "NFS" or "FTP" and being presented with the ethernet
card menu I saw no choice for my 3COM 3C589C-TP card. All that was there
was the 59x choice.

Also, upon selecting "CD-ROM" I wasn't given the choice to select the 1460
that I have.

Is the above hardware supported? The PCMCIA HOWTO indicates that it is but
that only applies to the PCMCIA software.

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