Hard drive problems

Hard drive problems

Post by Darryn Johnni » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Im having problem installing RH Linux 5.2. During package installs, I
keep getting these errors:
RPM install of <package-name>: execution of script failed

When I boot Linux for the first time, fsck reports errors - the disk is
seriously messed up. I have tried to install over a dozen times, but
same erros
each time.

I am installing to hdb, hda is my Win95 disk. I would like to have
partition on hdb for Win95.

It seems to be a problem with how Linux reads the drive geometry. Ive
read the mini-HOWTO on Large disks, but cant figure out a solution.

The motherboard is a BCM SQ600 Pentium Pro with AMI BIOS B02.

The BIOS drive setup for both drives is:
Type        - Auto
LBA         - On
Block Mode  - On
32 Bit Mode - On
PIO Mode    - Auto

BIOS reports:
32 Bit      Block    PIO
                               C/H/S                      Mode
Mode      Mode
Primary Master  4092/16/63   2014MB  LBA       On          16 sec     4
Primary Slave  13328/16/63   6150MB   LBA       On          16 sec     4

Linux reports:
hda   CHS=1023/64/63
hdb   CHS=784/255/63

The drives are WDC AC22100H (2.1G) and WDC AC26400B (6.4G). I have
checked hdb (the one I am installing to) several times with WDDIAG.EXE
and it passes every time. DOS/Windows also understands both drives. I do

not have EZDrive on the drives.

Partitions from fdisk with my defined mounts:

device  boot  start     end     blocks      Id   mount
hdb1      *        1       13     104391      83   /
hdb2             14      784    6193057+     5
hdb3             14       29     128488+     82
hdb5             30      208    1437786     83   /usr
hdb6            209     400    1542208+   83   /home
hdb7            401     784    3084448+     b

I even tried at the installation boot prompt: boot: linux
hdb=13328,15,63. I have also changed the geometry in fdisk expert mode.
Those attempts caused even worse file errors, directory not found, etc.
during install. Also, when I rebooted, the BIOS reported that LBA was
off (even though it is forced to on in BIOS setup). When I deleted the
partitions from those installs, BIOS reported that LBA was on again.

Any help would be appreciated.


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