Wacky print filter question: who printed to me?

Wacky print filter question: who printed to me?

Post by Ron Aaro » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I want to fax from my Windows NT and/or '95 boxes, via my linux box.
Currently, I *receive* faxes on the linux box just fine (I'm using efax; it
works great for this!).  I'm using Samba to share the linux printers.  NT
has *no* fax driver (unlike Win95).

After thinking about it and seeing some relevant clues here, I set up a
PostScript printer in printcap, with a perl script filter of my own
devising, figuring *all*  I had to do was put a fax-number:... line in the
document, print to the PS printer, and voila! a fax would be sent.

Lamentably, this doesn't work well because .... MS Word (at least) doesn't
send document text to the printer, it sends the text as a rendered bitmap.
In other words, there *is* no relevant text my filter script can parse.
Sigh. (Notepad *does* just send text, so it works  - but I wouldn't be
using it).

So what I want is a way to hook into knowing *what* machine sent the print
job  (there are several on this network) and  then I can have my script
query that machine (via sockets) and present a pop-up UI to the user,
asking what fax number to send to.  This would be very similar to what
happens when one uses other Windows based fax solutions.  I could broadcast
the query on the net, but that is (understandably) going to upset people
who weren't actually sending faxen at the time.

Any help/suggestions are welcome,

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