Linux booting root from HD.. Solved.

Linux booting root from HD.. Solved.

Post by x93christ.. » Tue, 24 May 1994 08:12:28

Thanks to all who mailed me and replied about my problem with running Linux
.97, I have since gotten a copy of the root and boot images from the MCC 1.0
distribution of Linux 1.0.4 ... THanks again, there is no more need to send
me mail for now..

1. How to transfer root and boot from scsi hd to ide hd

Hello all,

I want to move SCO Open Server 5.05 from my old SCSI-HD to a new IDE-HD
without installing all the software, patches, ... new.
So I installed a rudimentary OS on the IDE HD to partition the harddisk.
Then I copied the old stand and root to the IDE HD.
But it will not boot. OK, the problem is that unix is searching the root
fs on a SCSI HD.
Can I handle this without installing all the stuff new?

Thanks in advance


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