Straw Poll Nonsense

Straw Poll Nonsense

Post by D.R. Barnha » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 23:25:46

I have been following this thread from the beginning..and I'm afraid
I cannot continue without throwing in my own $.02 worth.

The 'coming to age' of the entire usenet has lead to problems such
as we are discussing here.  Believe me, it is not just this group
that is waking up to the 'overloading' of the net with, what some
refer to as garbage (unless you happen to be the person asking the
question, or seeking the information).  It is occuring to all groups
as more and more people are finding their way onto the nets.  This will
not be the only (nor the first) group to have a bunch of people decide
they are too good for the rest of us and form their own group within
a group (which is exactly what Ian is proposing, however he technically
disguises it).  Personally, I do not have a problem with it - it will
take people like him (and his associates) off the main group for those
of us that enjoy reading, asking questions, and most of all answering
questions to assist someone else.  After all, the origin of the nets
was based on one guy needing the help of another - researchers who
wanted to be able to assist each other.  Group-within-group solutions
such as what Ian is going to do here will only serve as termpoary
solutions to a gigantic problem that somehow will have to be faced
very soon - that is simply the enormous number of people who are gaining
access to this world of information - a world in which there is very
little structure or control (by design) other than subject matter.
Eventually, people will figure out his subject line workings and even
his group within a group will be clogged and the complaints will start
all over again....Is there a real answer? Good question, I'm sure we all
have our thoughts..I do..but I'm not sure that it is functionally possible
on todays technologically-limited communications structure.

Personally, I very very seldom post to the actual net....I am much more
prone to E-mail back to someone so as to try and help keep some of the net
traffic to a minimum (unlike many 'flamers' and 'followuppers')....Nor
do I feel a great need to read the entire group every 'catchup'
button works well....when I tire of reading or browsing, I'll catch it
up and move guilt feelings or withdrawals...I have no desire
to "control" the net for my own purposes...To me the use of the net
should be a positive experience for everyone not just the "elite" like
Ian and his crowd.....


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