CD-ROM driver

CD-ROM driver

Post by Norifumi Sanad » Mon, 07 Sep 1998 04:00:00

If someone who knows where driver that is using for CD-ROM (Toshiba
XM-5701TA), Please let me know. and My problem is to be not able to using
CD-ROM above written it. on bootup the system, it was displayed error
messages regarding of attempt to mounting of CD-ROM. that is sense error and
I/O error. I guess problem is due to not configure driver to the kernel so
as to not exist this driver probably.  This device is connected by SCSI.
Please advice me as reply.



1. CD-ROM driver for Turtle Beach/Funai 6X CD-ROM?

        I am trying to install RedHat 3.0.3 on
a PC with a CD-ROM which their kernal does not,
thus far, recognize.

        The CD-ROM mechanism is a 6X, purchased
in summer '96 from a "Future Shop".

The driver disk which came with the CD-ROM is
        Turtle Beach
        TBS 6001/6010 6x CDROM Kit v2.00F

and comes with drivers for DOS/Win/NT/OS/2.

        On the CD-ROM mechanism is printed:
NSA CD-ROM drive unit model NSCD-6X
TUV Product Services

        It uses a seperate controller card,
but the kernal does not find (when autoprobing,
or by specifying kernal parameters)
mitsumi, panasonic, sony, soundblaster, aztcd,
or any listed in the RedHat 3.0.3 docs.
        The drive also did not respond to
attempts to treat is as IDE/ATAPI on
/dev/hdb, /dev/hdc or /dev/hdd.

        On the (ISA) controller card there are:
J5 IDE connector, a block of 2 jumpers, 4-pin audio in
4 ICs:
        (TI logo) 54D1VVK  SNL4LS245N
        (unknown logo) PAL16L8BCN  3254PAE  D
        (AG, double tilde-logo) SP9052  DM74ALS244AN
        (TI logo) 54D1X2K  SN74LS245N
FCC ID:  J8Y2183
and 2 RCA audio out (L,R) connectors on back

        The card's BIOS reports it uses
Port 0x170, IRQ 15

        MS-Win95 hardware detection calls the CD-ROM
a "FUNAI E 2650" firmware 1.1

        A recent version
        of the CDROM-HOWTO didn't list any drivers
with names indicating support for "Turtle Beach"
or "Funai".  Also, I didn't find any reference
to new drivers which were recognizable as being
suitable for this card.

        Does anyone know what this beastie is,
and whether Linux drivers exist for it?

        Replies by email to

        would be appreciated (I will also check
this NG).

        TIA...and hoping a driver exists!


    Pagan, RPG designer, and user of Linux and Emacs

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