Booting using lilo and system commander

Booting using lilo and system commander

Post by root » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I had my system setup to boot linux using  system commander and lilo and
it worked fine. I changed my hard disk and I re-installed linux and
system commander reports that the partition is not bootable. Linux
resides on  the first partition of my second disk. Any suggestions? Also
, is there any problems booting directly from lilo? If so, can I restore
my boot track if I have a problem?
Bob Venator

1. System Commander problems (was Re: Possible to boot freebsd from system commander?)

I'm having the same problem at the moment.  I've managed to get
through configuring my other items (NT, 95, DOS).

I've upgraded from 2.1.5 to 2.2.2, hoping the upgrade would shake
things loose and write a boot-sector to the drive I want to boot
FreeBSD on, but no luck.  The symptom is a pop-up dialog (presented by
System Commander at boot time) that says the boot record is bogus (or
something like that).

Of course, I can still boot off my floppy (with Boot: sd(2,a)/kernel),
so I know there's something there that's bootable.

But, I'm having trouble understanding the three choices sysinstall
gives you for boot records.  Can anyone give me a clue as to the
correct choice here if I've installed System Commander on the 1st
drive, and FreeBSD on my 3rd drive (and for what it's worth, on the
1st partition).

I used to multiboot using the NT loader using the method of compiling
a bood program from the FreeBSD src somewhere, creating a bootsec
program which I then deposited on Drive C: and then mucked with the NT
loader configuration to present the FreeBSD choice.  But along with
reorganizing my big drive 1, I changed to System Commander to take
advantage of some of the other features SC has like partition-hiding
and multiple primary partitions on a single drive.

John Hight              hight

SRI International

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