need help with Diamond Stealth VRAM (924) & xf86

need help with Diamond Stealth VRAM (924) & xf86

Post by James L » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I know this subject has been beaten to death, but does anyone have a
"working" configuration for this type of setup?  I have S3 server
running, but it leaves random dots all over the place.  Ghostview is
unusable as it's very difficult to read the characters.  XV and other
programs that display graphics are difficult to view as well.  I tried
Diamond web pages and Diamond related docs but no it's no use.

Any suggestions?



1. Diamond Stealth Vram S3-924 and mouse

I am afraid my mouse behaves a little strange the last time.

I changed my graphic card from OTI 067 to a Diamond card. BTW, it was a
present. I wouldn't have bought it because I have heard from their difficulties
with Free Software.
I reinstalled XWindow with the XConfig-utility (Diamond-Stealth, generic
VESA monitor). I have a microsoft serial mouse. Now XWINDOW runs well,
but it needs some time for the mouse to behave as she should.  I have to click
at a point distant from the point I really want to click onto. After some
time, I can click on the true position. Strange, isn't it?
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

BTW, I also installed a new serial card with an 16550AF-chip - I posted
this separately because it caused me some porblems as well- Are these
problems linked together?

Thanks in advance

Bernhard Frye
University Hospital
Dept. Internal Medicine
Muenster Germany

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