Converting mbox to mbx format

Converting mbox to mbx format

Post by Jeff Grossma » Sun, 22 Aug 1999 04:00:00

How would I go about converting my inbox which is in mbox format to mbx
format?  If anybody can give me complete step by step directions, I would be
very thankful.  I want to do this, but want to make sure I am not going to
*anything up.  I am currently using Sendmail 8.9.3 and procmail as the
local delivery agent.  I am also using a .procmailrc file in my home
directory that I filter incoming mail with.  I want to continue to filter
the incoming mail into folders.  I have downloaded the imap-utils from UofW.
I am currently using the UofW IMAP server.


p.s.  I want to do it for the whole server?  I am running Linux.  Also, I
want to make it the default so if I create any new mailboxes, they are now
in mbx format.



1. Q: Converting Eudora folders (.mbx files) to Linux and "Eudora-lookalikes" under Linux?


A good while ago I e-mailed to QualComm and asked if a port of Eudora
to Linux was planned/to be expected. This is because I'm planning a
complete migration from W95 to Linux ("100% MS free" ;-) and Eudora
(of which I'm a big fan) is about the only W95 program that "binds"
 me to W95 (ApplixWare and StarOffice being good Office replacements
 imho). I have not received an answer (apparently they don't bother
to answer this question). Eudora Pro 3 (32bit) does not run (well)
under Linux with Wabi or Wine (Win-emulators), so I'm looking for
"Eudora-lookalike" alternatives under Linux.
I have found two good candidates:


that can (also) use mail files in ones ~/Mail (but also pop/imap).

Now my question:

Has anybody ever written a converter / script that converts Eudora
mailboxes (the .mbx files) to Unix (under ones ~/Mail)?
Preferably the mail folder structure, too, which is very complex in
my case---5 years of Eudora mail!
I think the biggest problem is to convert the From headers, which

(a very versatile mail filter). Has anybody done this?
Please reply by e-mail to me, cuz our news server is shaky at times.
I'll post a summary of replies. Thanks for your time!

Eric Maryniak

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