NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 8 May 2002 GNUbies: Tom Dyas on "Easy Programming for GNUbies"

NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 8 May 2002 GNUbies: Tom Dyas on "Easy Programming for GNUbies"

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  from="official GNUbies announcement"

(Please note the security procedures required by IBM below.)

We are pleased to announce that Tom Dyas will be giving a presentation on
programming for GNUbies (those new to GNU/Linux).  This will be a general
introduction to simple programming in the GNU/Linux environment focusing on
one easy-to-learn programming language, Python.  Some useful programs will
be demonstrated and explained.  By the end of the meeting you will be able
to write simple programs in Python.

The meeting, as usual, will be held at the IBM building in Manhattan.
We are grateful to IBM for use of their facilities for our meetings.

Tom Dyas has prevously given successful Gnubies presentations and presents
in a manner easily understood by beginners.  He is a programmer who has
worked at IBM, VA Linux, and Globix.


      Wednesday, May 8, 2002
      6:30 - 7:00 General Q&A
      7:00 - presentation by Tom Dyas
      Easy Programming for GNUbies
      The IBM Building,
      590 Madison Ave. (New York City)
      (57th Street and Madison Avenue)

~~~~~~~~Future Gnubies Meetings~~~~~~~

Among the upcoming Gnubies meetings speakers, we are honoured to have
Bradley Kuhn of the Free Software Foundation ( in July.
He now serves as Executive Director of the FSF and will be coming to NY to
speak to Gnubies.  At a previous meeting a number of you expressed the
desire to help offset his travel expenses by making donations to the FSF (a
great idea anyway).  I hope that the July date will be good for you.

~~~~~~~Other Important Local Events~~~~~~~~~~

Eben Moglen will be speaking at ISOC-NY, the New York City Chapter of The
Internet Society, next Tuesday.  He is an excellent speaker.  I finally
heard him at LinuxWorld earlier this year after having been told I should
hear him speak for years.

This is an important talk for anyone interested in Free Software and/or the

ISOC-NY Special Guest Presentation


"Freedom and the Future of the Net: Why We Win"

        Where:  10 Astor place, 5th Floor
                New York University
                (next door to Barnes & Noble bookstore)

        When:   Tuesday, MAY 14, 2002, 7-9 pm

I will forward the official announcement later but should mention that
Eben Moglen is the General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation and a
Professor of Law & Legal History at Columbia Law School.

Security Procedures

IBM has asked us to implement security measures for our meetings.

To attend this meeting you will have to submit your name in advance for IBM
security and you will have to bring a photo ID when you come.  You can use
the web page or

on attending.

Please reply as soon as possible.  In addition to the monthly attendance
list, in case you forget to notify us one month, IBM has suggested that we
also keep a cumulative list (which I believe will be resubmitted each
month). Please let us know whether or not you want your name on the
cumulative list as well.

We regret this inconvenience.

All are welcome to join us for dinner and/or drinks after the meeting.

If you are interested in keysigning please bring a hard copy of your key.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

The GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginner's Group


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