MB Recommendation?

MB Recommendation?

Post by Carlton J. Brea » Tue, 20 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I'm building a new Linux/Oracle box.  We will use it to host a few thousand
GoldMine Contact records to and for learning.

I have a bunch of spare parts to work with.  I have:

1 - Pentium II 266mhz processor
1 - 8 gig EIDE hard drive
2 - 32 meg SDRAM DIMMS
1 - 2 meg Matrox video card
1 - 3com network card

Does anyone have any opinion/advice as far as what kind of motherboard to
buy?  Case?  Other hardware?  Does ths stuff look like it'll all work out

I have never built a PC from the ground up, but have many years of exp.
replacing parts and upgrading.


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1. MB Recommendations?


  Does anyone have any motherboard recommendations so I can swap out my
components to get Linux running again?

  I picked up a Magitronic Pentium machine that I upgraded to a 100Mhz
chip and I simply cannot get Linux to run.  Version 1.2.13 won't boot at all
and 1.2.8 always locks up in the middle of the installation.

  I did switch to a Pro Audio Spectrum sound card with a SCSI controller
and then bought a Toshiba 4X CDROM to run off the SCSI port of the card.
1.2.8 will detect everything on booting with the Boot floppy and
Rootdisk, but always exits out of the installation before I am done.

  I sometimes see a "segmentation error" flash on the screen before everything
goes blank.

  I had Linux running on a Gateway 486 DX4 machine before this latest fiasco.
I did get the Pentium machine for free so I did not waste too many bucks
trying to get it to work.

  Any recommendations on motherboards that are compatible with Linux would
be appreciated.  I could then swap out my components and get running again.

                                        Best regards,
                                        Kurt Savegnago (the CMOS nemesis)

Check out my homepage at http://www.prairienet.org/~ksaves/homepage.html
for more information on the "CMOS dilemma". If you have an older machine then
you might be faced with the screen:  "CMOS BATTERY DEAD! REPLACE AND RUN
SETUP" someday and have to replace the motherboard in your computer.  The page
has been re-edited so all users can get the information.

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