Help: Playing (large) .au file results in system crache

Help: Playing (large) .au file results in system crache

Post by Marc Weusti » Thu, 17 Aug 1995 04:00:00


Since a few months I am a co sys admin, at our campus radio www server.
Everything worked fine till.... sombody decided that sound was 'nice'.
A new kernel was installed and everything seemed to be ok...

Untill somebody played a (5 min) .au file to /dev/audio.
For the first moment everythings ok, but somewhere halfway the song, the
machine stops responding and a few sec's later de sound also stops. Fot that
monent only console zapping is possible an dnotheng else.

Ok we're running a 1.2.8 kernel, so maybe a newer solves the problem.


our system:
kernel 1.2.13
386 sx ?? 5 mb  8mb swap
Pro audio spectrum 16
ne2000 (no clone)

The first try with this kernel resulted in the following
cp /dev/audio

after a register, stack, and code dump the next message.

kfree of non-kmalloced memory: 00195f5c, next=0 order 0
task[0] (swapper) killed: unable to recover
kernel panic: Trying to freeup swapper memory space
In swapper task - not syncing

Thats it. Since the swapper message, I thought all swap might be gone.
So, after rebooting, I repeated the same, now with, on a second terminal,
top -d0 -n1.
I was looking (and listening) and nothing happened. It just played the whole
song. Every time the free memory became below 80k, you heard the disk, some
used swap increased and the free memory increased (Like you'd expected).

Huh, whats this, I don't like it. Something works or doesn't. Not once in a

So I tried the same with another song. Everything the same, till I increaded
the number of shown processes to 5. A few sec's later the sytem crashed.

after the usual dump the next message.

4 times the lines:
swap_free: swap-space map bad (entry 00080000)
trying to free non existent swap space

EXT2-fs error (device 3/3): ext2_free_block:
freeing blocks not in datazone - block = 536281, count = 4

From top I just could see : swap 504k used, 7776k free

So far my story, now my question (s)

-Has anybody seen this before
-Has anybody a clue
-What am I doing wrong.

In other words please help me to get this thing to work.
BTW if you have the possebility to mail, please do. Since I'm graduating in a
few weeks, I run allmost out of time, so I might mis some news.

Greetings Marc

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