P180 MMX OD segfaults as pentium or 486, works as 386

P180 MMX OD segfaults as pentium or 486, works as 386

Post by David Efflan » Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Slackware 96 (3.1?), kernel 2.0.30, 24M RAM, 64M swap
Pentium 100 updated to 180 MMX Overdrive (120 system settings)

'Signal 11: Segmentation fault' and/or 'Couldn't get a free page.....'

Is it common for a Pentium or 486 kernel that worked fine with a
regular Pentium to break a kernel when using the MMX Overdrive chip,
while a 386 kernel works flawlessly?  Note that the BogoMIPS are
entirely different, but similar to other MMX chips.

I have no trouble compiling a Pentium kernel with a Pentium kernel,
but a Pentium or 486 kernel has gotten "Signal 11: Segmentation fault"
with the following programs:

'squake' fails every time (svgalib 1.2.11 core dumps).
'qwcl' (QuakeWorld) usually fails (svgalib can't get free page)
'tar -xzvf ...' Sig11 once when gunzipping a kernel.

Everything else works fine including X programs and 'xquake'.  When I
compile a kernel as 386, I have no troubles at all.  And I have no
trouble at all in Win95, so it does not appear to be a hardware

Anyone else having trouble running an MMX chip as Pentium and is there
something I need to update to use it normally?

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA