Xconfig Warning

Xconfig Warning

Post by Dhaliwal Bikram Sin » Sat, 15 Jan 1994 15:20:13

About a week ago or so I freaked when X would just crash mys system
when I typed startx (or from xdm).  It was because I decided to be a
wise-ass and mess with the order of clock frequencies in my Xconfig.
Well for a while I thought that I fried my monitor (even though I could
still have text Linux).  Just the same clocks, but in a different
order (the one I actually use first).  Whew, good thing I kept
a backup Xconfig.

But I guess that which hurst us makes us stonger.



1. xconfig: WARNING - broken Config.in!

Whenever I do a make xconfig (since the '80s), I've gotten the following
message when it hits the sound config screen:

        WARNING - broken Config.in!  CONFIG_AEDSP16 was not declared!

I don't have a sound card (yet), so this doesn't really affect me, but
I've seen no mention of it here, and I thought someone might like to know.



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