USB CD-R suggestions for use with kernel 2.2.18

USB CD-R suggestions for use with kernel 2.2.18

Post by John Thompso » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 01:36:58

I currently have linux 2.2.18 with USB enabled and working fine
with my Epson 636U scanner and am looking to add a CD-R device to
the system.  For a variety of reasons I would like to avoid going
to the 2.4.x kernel series yet.  Does anybody have any experience
with using USB CD-R devices with 2.2.18?  Looking at the device
support listings on I see a fair number of working
devices, but the comments seem to only mention use with the 2.4.x
kernel series.




1. more info on using MOL with kernel 2.2.18 usb devices

I'd posted that when I updated to the latest kernel and latest MOL, I
couldn't get the keyboard working.

Turns out I needed to explicitely set "use_linux_keycodes:  no".  

(interestingly, the 2.2.18 kernel seems to support the compucable
usb->adb adaptor transparently ... at one point I had 2 usb keyboards
and an adb keyboard all plugged in, and all working.  cool.)

Blair MacIntyre

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