ANNOUNCE: The Linux from Nascent CDROM, Version 2.0

ANNOUNCE: The Linux from Nascent CDROM, Version 2.0

Post by Nascent Technolo » Fri, 29 Jul 1994 18:51:05

          Announcing The Linux from Nascent CDROM
                       Version 2.0

Nascent Technology                      Tel: (408) 737-9500
P.O Box 60669                           Fax: (408) 737-9500
Sunnyvale CA 94088-0669 USA             Email:

The Linux from Nascent CDROM is Nascent's distribution of the Linux
operating system, which includes over 1000 applications for Linux.
New features in this release include:

* SysV initialization including runlevel support
* Conformance to the Linux Filesystem Standard FSSTND
* Hierarchical source build
* Automated package installation from CDROM, harddisk, or network
* Laptop Card Services including modem and networking support
* Support for OSF/Motif3d window manager (provided separately)
* Electronic design tools for behavioral synthesis and
  sea-of-gates place and route
* Andrew and Tcl/Tk
* UUCP, mail and news

Linux from Nascent distribution highlights:


* Printed User Guide
* Extensive online documentation and manuals
* Plug and play CDROM
* Incremental package installation from CDROM, harddisk, or network
* Simple user account, network, and mail/news administration
* Conformance to the Linux Filesystem Standard FSSTND
* Hierarchical source build


* SCSI cdrom, disk and tape support
* Non-SCSI cdrom support
* Sound and graphics support


* X Window System
* OpenLook3d window manager
* Support for OSF/Motif3d window manager (provided separately)
* Net-3 networking
* Andrew multimedia mail system
* Tcl/Tk graphical scripting language
* TeX and ghostscript word processor and viewer
* Ingres database management
* GNU C and C++ compiler and utilities
* GNU emacs, vi clone text editors
* Over 100 high resolution images translated from Kodak PhotoCD
* Magic, Spice, Chipmunk, Ocean, Sis, Olympus, and Alliance
  electronic design tools
* GNU Chess, Shogi, pooltable, xpilot, flight simulator, ...
* sources are included

Linux is a freely distributable Unix compatible operating system for
the IBM 386/486 PC and compatibles written by Linus Torvalds from the
University of Helsinki, Finland.  It was developed by a unique
world-wide collaboration of programmers over the internet, and is
covered by the GNU General Public License.  Linux is a modern, high
performance network operating system, much like ones used for years on
engineering and professional workstations.

Running Linux is a simple as placing a boot disk in your floppy drive,
the Nascent CDROM in your cdrom drive, and resetting your machine.
Floppy images, backup utilities, and HOWTO documentation are provided
on the CDROM and may be accessed from DOS and Linux.

Package applications may be run directly from the CDROM, network, or
installed on your harddisk.  Packages can also be removed from the
harddisk and run from the CDROM again.  Package upgrades are easy, and
won't disturb any local modifications or applications you may have.
You can choose to install binaries only, or from the source.  You can
also install Nascent packages on other FSSTND compliant Linux

Nascent provides free Linux kernel upgrades via anonymous ftp.  This
insures that you remain current with the Linux community as new
hardware drivers and kernel enhancements become available.

The Nascent CDROM contains the most recent and comprehensive
collection of freely available electronic design tools anywhere.
Integrated tools include: behavorial design; simulation at the logic,
switch, and circuit level; combinatorial and sequential logic
synthesis; VLSI layout; and sea-of-gates place and route.

The professionally bound User Guide included with the Nascent CDROM
gives step-by-step instructions on how to install and administer Linux
on your computer.  Xwindow configuration, mail/news administration,
system backups, strategies for mounting harddisks over networks,
upgrading packages, filesystem structure, program development, and a
troubleshooting section are included.

The Linux from Nascent CDROM, Version 2.0, is only $59.95 plus shipping
and handling, and comes with an 30-day unconditional money-back
guarantee.  If you aren't completely satisfied, return the package
with your receipt within 30 days and the purchase price, excluding
shipping and handling, will be refunded to you.

In addition, Nascent offers the Linux from Nascent Plus package for
only $119.95, which includes six months of email support and a 30%
discount off a future release of the Nascent CDROM.

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL: save 20% off the purchase price of either the
Nascent or Nascent Plus CDROM, Version 2.0, good now through the month
of August 1994.

Nascent separately provides the SWiM OSF/Motif(TM) compatible
Window Manager and application development library and tools.  It
includes the window manager, shared and static libraries, UIL
compiler, on-line documentation, and complete printed OSF/Motif User's

A list of the applications included on the Nascent CDROM, hardware
compatibility list, order form, as well as a current copy of this
announcement may be obtained via anonymous ftp from

                              Version 2.0

Ship to:

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Daytime phone number:  _________________________________________

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1. 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, excluding shipping and handling.
2. 1 year warranty against material defects.
3. Registered owners of the Linux from Nascent Plus package are
   entitled to six months of email support and a 30% discount on a
   future release of the CDROM.

All offers and prices are subject to change without notice.

You will receive with your order the Linux from Nascent CDROM, boot
floppy, and User Guide.  Please make checks and money orders payable
to Nascent Technology.  Allow one week for delivery.  To order your
Linux from Nascent CDROM, mail, email, phone or fax a completed order
form to:

        Nascent Technology
        Linux from Nascent CDROM
        P.O. Box 60669
        Sunnyvale CA 94088-0669
        Tel: (408) 737-9500
        Fax: (408) 737-9500
        Email:                        PN: 542001-OF