Netscape 4.51 and plug-ins problem

Netscape 4.51 and plug-ins problem

Post by William B. Cattel » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have NS 4.51 installed on RH Linux 5.2/kernel 2.2.3.  I can start
Netscape up fine, browse the web, look at newgroups, etc.  When I get to
a site or click on a link wants to access one of the plugins Netscape
will shutdown completely.

I have the Netscape Default Plugin, Shockwave Flash and Plugger 3.0
plugins installed.  I can see this when logged in as a normal user or as
root.  Netscape acts the same under either account so that tells me that
access rights isn't the problem.

My sound system is working, I can cat to /dev/audio and
hear them ok.  Any thoughts on where I should begin working on this
problem?  TIA.


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