mpeg_play: where?

mpeg_play: where?

Post by Jose Acacio de Barr » Thu, 05 May 1994 14:50:31

Where can I get a hold of mpeg_play? I looked at archie and I saw that
there are several copies available, but none for linux. So, can I just grab
one and compile in my box or do they have to be changed to compile in
Linux? Someone has mpeg_play for linux? Thanks for the info.



1. Motif version of mpeg_play ?


Has anybody been able to download the motif version of mpeg_play ?

I tried using
but I get permission denied. ( Rule 403 ) Is there another site which
I can down load a mpeg_play from ? By the way is there also QUICKTIME
for linux ?


-- Niranjan

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