COMMERCIAL: Linux-FT 1.2 Now Shipping

COMMERCIAL: Linux-FT 1.2 Now Shipping

Post by Randy Ju » Tue, 26 Mar 1996 04:00:00

                         Linux-FT 1.2 is Now Shipping!

Linux-FT 1.2, the first and only Linux distribution to receive
POSIX.1 (FIPS 151-2) certification, is now shipping.  This product
is a major accomplishment for the Linux industry.

Linux-FT 1.2 can be installed in as little as 17MB of disk space
in a MS-DOS partition (if required).  Additional packages can be
installed from the CD as required using Xadmin or as-used with
the revolutionary copycache.

A wide variety of software is included such as a web server, web
browsers, C/C++, Ada, Fortran, Pascal, LIPS, Tcl, Tk, expect, wish
perl, X Window X11R6 and X11R5, OSF/Motif 2.0 Window Manager (mwm),
csh (tcsh), sh (bash), zsh, SQL database engines, Emacs, TeX,
LaTeX, ghostscript, xv, Andrew System, awk/sed, vi and much, much
more.  See the web sites below for a full listing of programs.


Linux-FT ---------------------------   $  99.95  (64.95 UKP)

  Includes:  Runtime CD-ROM and boot floppy
             Source Code CD-ROM
             Web Server CD-ROM
             Linux Archive 3 CD-ROM set
             Installation and Getting Started Guide
             Motif User's Guide
             Runtime version of Motif 2.0 Window Manager ($50 value)

Linux-FT + Motif 2.0 Development ---   $ 219.95  (149.00 UKP)    

  This version of Linux-FT includes all the great features of the
  entry level package in addition to the complete development version
  of Motif.  You will receive the necessary libraries to develop your
  own Motif applications using Linux.

Linux-FT is distributed by and can be obtained from the following
companies in addition to many quality Linux product resellers.

     The Forge, Fareham Road
     Wickham, Hants, PO17 5DE
      Phone: +44 1329 834944
        FAX: +44 1329 834955


   Just Computers!
     607 Martin Ave.
     Suite 100A
     Rohnert Park
      Phone: 800-800-1648
      Int'l: 707-586-5600
        FAX: 707-586-5606


     11950 N. Highway 89
     Flagstaff, AZ 86004
      Phone: 520-526-9565
        FAX: 520-526-9573


Please contact one of the above distributors for resale information.

Finally : this is an exciting development for Linux which is causing
waves throughout the UNIX industry.  Linux has "Come of Age".

Linux-FT is a trademark of Lasermoon Ltd. UNIX is a trademark of X/Open.
All other trademarks acknowledged.


COMMERCIAL: Linux-FT 1.2 Now Shipping

Post by James Thom » Wed, 27 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>                         Linux-FT 1.2 is Now Shipping!

This is an unsolicited plug for and Linux-FT v1.2. (and also
the United States Postal Service). I ordered the 99$ pkg on Friday, March
15 and received it here in Canada on the other side of the continent,
three days later on the 18th. That is service! Lasermoon and Justcomp
have indeed put together a professional linux distribution in Linux-FT.



McMaster Nuclear Reactor                        phone 905-5259040 ext 23283
1280 Main St. W.                                FAX 905-5284339
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada                       home 905-6280126


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