/rdb for LINUX

/rdb for LINUX

Post by Todd Natk » Sun, 18 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I recently read a book on UNIX database management which discussed in
detail the /rdb extensions to UNIX.  Most were shell scripts, but a few
such as total and subtotal clearly were not.

Is this /rdb set of LINIX extensions still available somewhere?





1. Anyone compile 'cterm' (for Hobbs RDB) under linux/gcc ???

Hi -

It would be immeasurably appreciated if someone who has successfully
compiled cterm under linux/gcc could provide the methods involved :-)

Having tried to compile it and get it running, it is a no-go, despite
no errors reported during compilation.

The original author compiled it under a sun sparc, I believe. He is gone
for the next month, so anyone who can help please do!



P.S. I am seeking info in the area of compiler flags and such. I have
almost no knowledge of curses or c compilers at all. Thanks again!!

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