Abit BP6 with Linux, Power switch issues

Abit BP6 with Linux, Power switch issues

Post by paul » Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have  a Abit BP6  dual  processor  motherboard  running Linux  as  a
server.  It runs very well and I'm happy with it.

Occasionally  I  lose  power though.  On    these occasions the  power
normally comes right  back within a few  minutes.  The problem is that
even though the power is back the machine does not come back on due to
the stateless power switch on ATX machines.

How are people dealing with this?  I know people will tell me to get a
UPS which I will probably do, but that does  not solve the fundamental

Does the Abit BP6 have a  jumper to automatically  power up when power
is attached?  CAn i just shunr the the power jumper  that the power is
attached to?




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Anyone familiar with how to get the system to boot from IDE3? I've
updated the kernel and it see the HPT366 but if I try to switch to it
(HDE6 in my case) the system kernel panics - I've tried modifing LILO,
fstab and mtab to default to HDE6 but it still dies on boot - Lilo
starts loading and then - boom - kernel panic. If I switch the cable
back to IDE1 then I can boot fine (but not after everythings been
goobered to HDE6) - so how can I get the System to boot properly under
HDE (IDE3 in this case) after recompiling a kernel which recognizes the

Any help appreciated!


-Brian E.

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