Yggdrasil plug & play Fall 95 Linux

Yggdrasil plug & play Fall 95 Linux

Post by Steve Marti » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I don't know about the Fall '95 release (didn't know they had come out with one, and
I've been watching their ads), but the Fall '94 release had more installation bugs
than you can shake a stick at. I've got a file with all the install "errata" (their
term, not mine) from the Fall 94 release. If you want it, email me and I'll send it.

The Fall 94 release tended to mess up a lot of links and permissions when it
installed to the hard disk.


Yggdrasil plug & play Fall 95 Linux

Post by Nathan O. Sieme » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Steve> The Fall 94 release tended to mess up a lot of links and
Steve> permissions when it installed to the hard disk.

I've been running the fall 95 yggdrasil release for several weeks now
with no big problems, but also have noticed the cd getting accessed
when the "essential" software is supposed to be on my hd (~250 mb

Perhaps someone has written a *cool* little doohickey that would
monitor all files you use off the cd, then give you a list such that
you could copy them over to the hard drive?


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Yggdrasil plug & play Fall 95 Linux

Post by Wilfr » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi first of all, are there anyone using the Yggdrasil plug&play Linux out
there? I recently bought it , and installed the 270MB options in my
harddrive. I have it allocated as follows:
        root 380MB
        swap 70MB
        Home 70MB

I think that's enough, however after I installed it ,it stills read from
the CD-ROM (when I startx), if I take the CD-ROM out then it will says
startx not found , but startx is located in X11 directory. So I went there
and run it , it then said liboXmu.so.a not found which were in the CD-ROM.

ANy one know how to run that without the cd??



1. Problems installing Plug and Play Linux Yggdrasil fall 95 edition

Hello everyone,

Recently, I bought the Fall 1995 edition of Plug and Play Linux here in
the Netherlands, Europe. Today, I
managed to get a hold of 2 more MB's of memory for my good old 386SX PC,
that I'm planning to use as a
TCPIP gateway. But Linux won't install, it complains about a lack of


Brand X 386SX 16Mhz
4 MB memory
105 MB Seagate HDD
3,5 FDD
2 * 3c509 3COM network card
nothing special.

I connected my 5speed ATAPI CDROM as a slave drive to the HDD, just for
installing Linux. Things work
OK under DOS, including the CDROM.

When installing, I get the message "SH is out of virtual memory" (after
a lot of waiting as expected) and nothing
more... Darn. I know it's about the smallest machine you can get to run
Linux, but it's the only one I have
left. Is there some simple trick to get the installation working?

I have tried quite some things already; even to the extend of building a
minimal Linux 2.0 kernel on another
machine to save some memory, but that one can't find the root device (?)
during bootup.

I'm really out of options now, I can't get more memory in the machine,
the motherboard won't allow it....

Please help me!

Harry Westerman

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