installing new packages on linux

installing new packages on linux

Post by Shaya Pott » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to install new binaries of binutils-2.5.2l.17 and libc-5.0.9.bin and
I have not had too much success.  When I try to install the binutils package I
get errors on all the new files saying that they are not there.  Also when I
tried to install the libc package, when the computer boots up it says that the
files are ZMAGIC files.  I figured out that that error message is comming from a
file called ldconfig, because when run manually ut gives the same error.  Is
here some links that I am sposed to set up.  Is there another program I am
sposed to run to tell linux that there are new files there.  Also I think I have
to upgrade my file, is there any place where I can get it.  The packages I
have are called binutils.2.2l.17.bin.tar and libc-5.0.9.bin.tar. I tried
untaring them from the / level, and it seemed to work, but it gave the errors
that I previously mentioned.  I was told by someone who is familiar with other
flavors of unix to run a program called rehash, only problem is that I don't
think, it is included in the slackware release that I originally installed.  On
another topic, I have also seen that the gnu configure scripts don't seem to
work that well under linux, because they seem to create Makefiles, that try to
do the configure again, recursively.  I have been able to get some programs to
compile by taking out the section of the makefiles that tell it to do the
configure, but it seems to brake other Makefiles.

Thanks for reading

Shaya Potter


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