linuxconf and ppp

linuxconf and ppp

Post by Vibhu Mitta » Sun, 26 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I just got a new laptop and our sys-admins here configured it for
me.  The PPP setup was for the local dial-in, so when I got home,
I decided to create another PPP configuration for long distance
dial-ins. I used "linuxconf" to do so. Unfortunately, linuxconf
changed something else such that /var/run/stab, which should
contain a description of what cards, if any, are in the two
PCMCIA slots, now contains the lines

  "Socket 0: Anonymous Memory"
  "Socket 1: Anonymous Memory"

It does not matter that one of the slots is empty and the other
one contains a combo network/modem card. Of course, I didn't
realize that linuxconf had caused this, and had our sys-admin
(very obliging and helpful folks) re-configure the laptop
again. Of course, this wiped out the new long-distance PPP
configuration, so this morning, while on the road, I started up
linuxconf again, and horrors! I am now unable to get the laptop
to realize that there's a PCMCIA card in the slot. The laptop
thinks there's anonymous memory again. Can somebody tell me what
might be the problem? This is RedHat 5.1, running on an HP 4100
laptop. If it is something relatively straightforward, I'd like
to fix it while I'm on the road, rather than wait till the end of
the week when I get home again.

Thanks much,

- Vibhu

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