Netscape Audio

Netscape Audio

Post by robo » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

Anybody know what to use to play .vox files in Netscape?  I also have trouble
with some .au's .  Any ideas why some might be encoded different?  Have xanim %s
doing mpegs, mov's , and others.  Sound HOW TO is incomplete.

Robert A. Ober


1. Netscape Audio speed sloooooooow

A few days ago I was on the net and a loud slow bellow came out of my
SB16 and frightened me half to death. I later recognised that it was an
audio clip from a site I was accessing using netscape.
        My mime types for netscape is using showaudio which is part of the
Andrew package, can anyone suggest an alternative or a good speed
parameter. I have raplayer, but that complains of a network problem
though I have set it up per the docs to use the ppp firewall setup,
possible that our server doesn't have the port setup it's looking for.
Thanks and Regards
... Sid Boyce...Amdahl(UK)...
Any opinions expressed above are mine and do not necessarily represent
 the opinions or policies of Amdahl Corporation.

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