Linux/TMS320C30 experience ?

Linux/TMS320C30 experience ?

Post by Alberto Vignan » Wed, 22 Jun 1994 06:08:56

|I am interested in doing some nice DSP projects using my Linux/P5
|system as the development/interface platform to the TMC320C30.
|Anyone have any experience with such a configuration of know of
|any C code ftp sites, or test fixtures available?

I use the set of TMS320 development tools, but not on Linux (you can
run the TI C compiler in REAL mode under dosemu, and maybe in PROTECTED
mode when DPMI support will be finished).

I don't know of any free tool for developing TMS320 applications. I
have explored almost the whole Internet, and all I found were example
source codes coming from the TI Application books.

Generally, if you want to develop your own tools for TI chips, you
have to get the sources from them, and this is not going to be free.
Actually, there's always some critical point missing from the docs,
like the description of the C30 emulator protocols (which are not JTAG).

I don't have the TI Evaluation Board (I run my own 'C31 hardware), but I
know that the TI5x0 Emulator has a very poor documentation concerning
register locations: I mean, I don't know how to initialize it apart
from using the MSDOS tools, and I suspect you can get into troubles
with IRQ collisions if you don't configure the board (I had the tape
wildly crashing the kernel before I cut the IRQ5 trace on the TI card).

If you are more generally interested in free DSP development software,
you can try the Ptolemy package from Berkeley I ported to Linux a
couple of months ago; it currently produces C code and assembler for
the Motorola DSPs. Could be great if you or someone else found a way
of supporting TI DSPs under Ptolemy.

Some references:
* TI material                      mirrors/tms320bbs             pub/dos/TI             pub/ham-radio/dsp/dsp-tms320/bbs
* Ptolemy       (main site)               pub/Linux-local/ptolemy