Where's my book?

Where's my book?

Post by Fred » Wed, 01 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Several weeks ago I was in the library, looking at
books on Unix programming.

In one book I saw a table of process
characteristics.  There were roughly thirty
characteristics listed.  The table stated, for each
characteristic, the effects of a fork, and the
effects of an exec.  Most characteristics remain
invariant after a fork, and quite a few remain
invariant after an exec.  But not all of them.

Like a fool, I put the book back on the shelf.  The
library is not large, and the number of Unix books
is not huge.  I thought I would have no difficulty
in finding the book again, if I ever wanted to
examine the table.  I'm embarrassed to admit this,
but I did not even note the book's title or its

Well, the day has come when I want to examine that
table.  I went to the library recently, and I tried
to locate the book.  I spent quite a while in this
endeavor.  No success.

I suppose that, in the aggregate, the folks who
read this newsgroup have read every Unix book ever
published.  Can someone help me identify the volume
containing the table?  The title would be welcome.  
Or even the author's name.

Thanks for your help!

Fred Theobald


Where's my book?

Post by Alex Vreni » Wed, 01 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Try Maurice Bach's "Design of the Unix OS"

Alex Vrenios
Ph.D. Student
Computer Science Dept.


1. O' Reilly open-books Motif programming books...


Interesting.  Now, one can freely download the troff source of these
books.  All of a sudden, Motif is open.  I personally think it's an
interesting toolkit.  It seems to have an interesting balance of old
school/new school X.  I like it.  Microsoft likes it, too, having copied
some GUI elements from Motif for Windows.

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