QUAKE for Linux - Having problems..

QUAKE for Linux - Having problems..

Post by Stephanie A Waddi » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Quake will seg fault unless I use -nolan or -noudp.
In both cases, disabling TCP/IP which doesn't let me play it
over the net very well.  I REALLY want to play it over the 'net ;)
I am running 2.0.27.  If anyone needs more info, please email.
Thanks a bunchers!



QUAKE for Linux - Having problems..

Post by Patrik Radm » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> Attached is a small message someone else posted here, answering that
> question.
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: BASE64

> dD4sDQogIHJvb3QgPGlseWFiQHdvcmxkbmV0LmF0dC5uZXQ+IHdyb3RlOg0K


Errrmmm... :)

You might want to use English (tm), not many people read Base64 (yet).

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1. Linux GL Quake SLOWER than Win95/98 GL Quake?

Got a question about Linux Quake/Quake2. I have a Monster 3D (Voodoo I)
and Quake I and II run pretty good under Windows 95/98 (at 512x384, Quake
I is around 50 fps and Quake II is around 30 fps).

However, under Linux (Redhat 5.0, SVGA 1.3.0, Mesa 2.6, glide 2.4), Quake
II has dropped down to a miserable 15 FPS! That's even WORSE than software
mode under Linux. I get 19 FPS under Linux when using software mode.

Is this a problem with the Mesa and/or Glide libraries? Also, under
Windows 95/98, I know how to set the certain environment variables to
tweak the 3dfx chip. How do you do this under Linux if it's even possible?

Here's my setup:

        Intel Pentium 200MMX
        32 megs memory
        ATI 3D Expression+PC2TV
        Diamond Monster 3D VooDoo I
        Redhat Linux 5.1 with kernel 2.0.35
        SVGA 1.3.0
        Mesa 2.6
        Glide 2.4
        Quake II v3.17

Also, I haven't tried this yet, but I have the .pak files soft linked to
my Windows 98 (FAT32) partition. I'm not sure if this could be the problem
or not. I might try copying those over to my Linux partitions so they're
on a native file system rather than Windows.

If anyone has some insight into this, I'd appreciate it. I'D DEFINITELY
like to know how (if it's possible) to set the tweaking variables under


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