DNEWS 5 News Server Mthly Pointer to FAQ

DNEWS 5 News Server Mthly Pointer to FAQ

Post by stephe » Sat, 05 Feb 2000 04:00:00

This message is a brief description of the DNEWS V5  News Server
features and a pointer to the FAQ and binary areas.

DNEWS is a high performance NNTP News Server. It is suitable
for large and small ISP's and Corporate Intranets. DNEWS is
available for all common operating systems, is easy and quick to
and is designed to run unattended.

Design :

Database : DNEWS incorporates an advanced database specifically
        designed for News, enabling DNEWS to handle full news feeds
        significantly more efficiently and faster than other news      
        server software.
        This is important as news volumes continue to grow rapidly.
        It also enables DNEWS to provide significant performance
        improvements particularly where resources are limited.

   Dynamic Sucking Feed Option: In addition to the traditional news
        feed options DNEWS provides the unique Dynamic Sucking Feed    
        option. The Dynamic News Feed is the ideal solution for
corporates and  
        smaller ISP's having important advantages over  
        traditional full or partial news feed technologies.

        The Dynamic Feed delivers enormous savings
        in Network bandwidth and diskspace compared to taking a full
        feed but retains for the user all the advantages of the full
        Performance is significantly enhanced as the high redundancy
        of the full feed is automatically eliminated. The  Dynamic
        Feed Software is extremely efficient.

        By dynamically reflecting users changing reading habits the    
        server is automatically getting and maintaining only those
        groups that users are actively reading. In this way  the users

        retain all the choice provided with a full news feed  while    
        enormous saving in network bandwidth and diskspace are
        The process is completely automatic so there is no      
        ongoing administration.

News Reader Efficiency: The advanced design significantly improves
        news server efficiency. On similar Hardware DNEWS will
        typically support 2 times as many news readers per server
        with the same fast interactive response time.

Scalability: Designed for high scalability DNEWS is limited only by    
        your hardware constraints. Handles over 500 Gig news spools    
        efficiently. Can be configured with 2-10 Multiple Server        
        processes on single server each handling 50-200 concurrent      
        DNEWS can be configured to take multiple full news feeds
        and up to 16 dynamic suck feeds and can efficiently send
        multiple full feeds with built-in Live feed technology.
        DNews advanced dfeeds module allows DNEWS to be positioned
        as a news router.

Easy Installation and Management: Designed to run unattended.
        DNEWS is very easy and quick to install with virtually no      
        ongoing management.

Key Features:

Easy Installation - totally configurable without recompiling.
Low Maintenance - designed to run unattended.
Support for Multiple IHAVE Feeds
Support for Multiple Dynamic Suck Feeds
Built in Live Feeds Technology for sending full news feeds to other    
       servers with the efficiency of a news router.
News to Web Gateway , for putting news onto web pages ,  with full
       text searching .
New to Mail  Gateways (both ways)
PGP authentication (optional)
Flexible  Access and Security options for reading and posting.
Flexible Expire Options allowing intelligently response  to number of

       items  and available diskspace.
Advanced 'SPAM' detection and filtering mechanisms.
Email confirmation of posts.
XOVER extensions implemented in software removing the need for a
        separate ' XOVER'  database
Streaming extensions are built in speeding up feed throughput
Full Documentation
Commercially supported

DNEWS is not FREEWARE. Registration is FREE to state schools and
universities for non profit purposes.

Web page:       http://netwinsite.com/
FTP Binaries    ftp://netwinsite.com/dnews
FAQ             ftp://netwinsite.com/dnews/install.txt
Mirror Site     ftp://ftp.std.com/ftp/vendors/netwin/dnews/