segmentation fault with xfm and other progs

segmentation fault with xfm and other progs

Post by Workman Clayton » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 09:10:24

I need help!

I have recently been getting a "segmentation fault" while running

I am running kernel version 1.2.1.

(By the way, it didn't use to do this, but I ccan't figure out what I
changed about my system to get it to do this.  I know it is not the
kernel change because it did before I upgraded to 1.2.1.


An exact example is with xfm.  After I double click on a folder it
works fine, but if I double click on a folder again, the program
terminates and returns "segmentation fault."

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1. segmentation fault when running xfm


I'm propably not the first one to ask- why the heck I'm getting a segmentation
fault when trying to run xfm. The program starts up ok, but as I click the
first icon, it crashes notifying me about a segmentation fault.

I'm running X11R6 with options (-bpp 16 -auth $HOME/.Xauthority) and with all
the libraries that came with slackware 2.2. My kernel is 1.2.8 and I haven't
installed Xaw3d package.

I've tried this with version 1.3 that came with the distribution and version
1.3.2 that I compiled myself.

Any comments?

Regards Juko Hakala

- Juko Hakala / Helsinki School of Economics, Computing Centre -


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