Linux to Linux using SLIP?

Linux to Linux using SLIP?

Post by Art Hutchis » Tue, 19 Jul 1994 05:48:29

   I am trying to Slip to another Linux box.  Neither is on an network.
I have set up the passwd and diphosts files along with the dipi script.
The target and calling machines only have the loopback address in the
route table.  I think I need to somehow get a IP address other than
the loopback in the routing table.  How do do that.  Tried ifconfig/route
but "network unreachable".  Any Ideas???

1. Connect Mac and Linux using SLIP?

Hi there,

I got a problem to connect mac and linux using SLIP.
I use a serial cable to connect both ends.
Using InterSLIP on mac and sliplogin on linux.

My problem is how can I make a SLIP connection from mac to linux?

Can anyone help me...

Thanks in advance.


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