HELP: 'etc/' is corrupt

HELP: 'etc/' is corrupt

Post by Torsten Hothor » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00


last time I booted my Linux 1.2.12 the message:

/lib/ cache 'etc/' is corrupt

was shown.

Has anyone an idea, whats wrong? Hope, it is no virus.



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Yesterday my machine hung.  Not particularly inspiring but it hung at login.  I  
couldn't type anything, so tried Ctrl-Alt-Del.  Nothing.  So I reset the machine.

When it came back up I had the above error message.  Now my disk is full and  
continues to be full.  Whenever I delete anything (we're talking 10Mb a time here)  
it fills it up again.  

I've tried e2fsck to no avail.  It says clean but is still buggered ;)

Whats going on?  Anyone have any info for me?  Any way to fix it?

Stuart Nuttall


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