telnet/ftp/mosaic for mac, using linux as a proxy server?

telnet/ftp/mosaic for mac, using linux as a proxy server?

Post by ken.. » Mon, 20 Jun 1994 00:30:08

Ok - here's my deal - first of all, this is what I have:

        Compudyne Pentium Tower, running linux 1.0.8
        (I think), and using a PPP link to the internet
        (single IP number only).

        My girlfriend's father's mac, which will have ethernet,

        My girlfriend's father - who desires to get onto the net
        through his mac.

We are considering a low scale LAN between my pentium and his mac (macs
can support straight ethernet, right?).  He will probably need a 'local'
ip number, in order to be able to connect to my linux box, etc... however,
he can NOT connect outisde of my machine, directly (I only have the one
ip number via PPP, and would probably lose my account for advertising as
a router over it - 'sides, it's only a 14.4 (but compressed ;)), so, what
I need, is something that would run on my linux box, that when my gf's
father wanted to, say telnet from his mac, his telnet program would actually
connect to the daemon running on my linux box, which would then go and
make the connection to the outside world - so that my linux box acts
kinda like a filter (is this what a proxy server is?).  Bascially, he wants
to do telnet, ftp, news, etc...  any ideas?  What will I need?  My budget
is VERY limited right now, so freeware would be preferred.  I guess I would
need something for his mac that would run tcp/ip (oh - we also want to run
NFS - to share one of my partitions between my machine and his - can that be
done, for a minor amount of money?), as well as these versions of ftp, etc all
that would filter through my machine.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


ps. email or responses to comp.os.linux.misc preferred, I don't have time
    to read a number of newsgroups, since I'm working a fulltime job, a
    partime one, a number of contracts, etc.... and most of what happens in
    the mac newsgroup is irrelavent to me (my work involves unix/netware)

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